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class, config)[source]


init(parser, opts, args)[source]
load() →[source]
load_config() → None[source]

This method is used to load the configuration from one or several input(s). Custom Command line, configuration file. You have to override this method in your class.

stop(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: pydantic.main.BaseModel

class str)[source]

Bases: object

A convenience wrapper for sending requests and handling responses to an inference server located at the given address.

execution_parameters() → dict[source]
invocations(data_entries: Iterable[Dict[str, Any]], configuration: dict) → List[dict][source]
ping() → bool[source]
url(path) → str[source]

Bases: pydantic.env_settings.BaseSettings

class Config[source]

Bases: object

env_prefix = ''

Bases: object[source]

Traverses through the JSON object and converts non JSON-spec compliant floats(nan, -inf, inf) to their string representations.

Parameters:json_object – JSON object, timings)[source], execution_params) →[source] Optional[], forecaster_type: Optional[Type[Union[gluonts.model.estimator.Estimator, gluonts.model.predictor.Predictor]]], settings: →[source]